Here are some frequently asked questions by owners.  If your question is not answered here, feel free to call.

I would like to discuss several issues with the tenant rather than go through you.

We strongly advise against this. We are well versed in a variety of legal issues dealing with tenants based on State and Federal law. You hired us to deal with tenants and tenant related issues, so why not let us do our job?

Why does Trust Properties keep all the late fees?

Trust Properties spends a significant amount of time trying to get in contact with tenants who have not paid. Once in contact more time is spent getting the rent money owed the owner. In addition to personal contact (in the office and telephone) staff also prepares legal documents including “3 Day Notices” and “Writs of Restitution” (for court action leading to possible eviction). These activities are above and beyond the typical management activities.  Late fees cover some of these costs.

Why do you charge me for HVAC Maintenance. Isn’t this the tenants responsibility?

Trust Properties uses a licensed HVAC and Plumber for bi-annual check up on the furnace/air-conditioner for safety. The plumber also checks for natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Either type of leak could cause significant harm to the tenants.  A natural gas leak could have devastating consequences for the property. We believe this provides a preventative maintenance component to help you as the owner reduce the probability of a more expensive repair to the HVAC system.

Can I as the owner make decisions on what and what not to repair on my home?

Trust Properties will contact you  when the tenant calls in with a problem that requires work over $250. If It is a minor repair, the issue will be addressed.  The cost will be deducted from the rent.  This will appear on your next statement. There is a requirement in New Mexico law that all issues must be addressed within 7 days. Trust Properties makes all efforts to contact you, the owner, if there is a large issue.   If we are unable to contact you within the allotted time the items may be fixed without your permission.

Aren’t you just spending my money on unauthorized repairs?

As a part of the property management agreement, you gave Trust Properties authorization to undertake repairs up to $250. This authorization enables us to protect the integrity of the property and ensure compliance with provisions of the lease and State law. We do not receive any financial benefit from having an item fixed.  You pay directly for the amount a vendor bills for those services.

Can I use my own Repairman?

Absolutely, it is your home. You may choose who you would like to use. We only has a few stipulations.  Trust Properties is not liable if issues arise as result of any unlicensed worker. We also must have the phone number of the person/company going to the tenants home.  This is so the tenant can be made aware. Any repair done by a person hired directly by you must be paid for by you directly. Trust Properties is unable to pay any handyman not in our approved vendor list.  Your vendor might be in our approved Vendor list, so before you make any repairs give us a call.

Why do I have to pay for Utilities when there is no tenant?

We require at least electric be on while the home is vacant.  This is to deter break ins.  If the house is vacant for an extended time the water may need to be turned on for cleaning purposes.

I have a Septic Tank, who is responsible for the upkeep?

The tenant is responsible to clean the septic tank at move out. Any other work on the septic tank must be paid by the owner

I have Propane, who is responsible for the fill?

The owner is responsible to pay the rent on the tank.  Trust Properties checks the amount of propane in the tank when the tenant moves in.  The tenant is responsible to ensure the tank is at the same amount at move out.

I like to make the final decision on who will rent my home?

You hired Trust Properties to manage the property. We welcome and respect your input, but there are very specific state and federal laws which relate to discrimination. Trust Properties has reasonably stringent requirements on the qualification of tenants. These relate specifically to ability to pay the rent (income), credit history, and past rental history. Trust Properties DOES NOT look at other factors related to the tenants.

I would like to list my home for sale with the tenant in it.

We advise against this for a couple of reasons. First, it is difficult for a Real Estate Agent to show the home with a tenant in it.  The Real Estate Agent is required to give 24 hour notice to a tenant before entering the property. Second, the tenant is not obligated to keep the house in showroom condition. Third, most of the buyers want to take possession of the property right away after closing. The tenant has the right to stay until their lease has ended.